Wedding and Wood

Posted by admin February - 26 - 2015

The Little Red Day Spa was host to a very beautiful commitment ceremony this week.    A group of 8 women booked our Grand Suite to honor and celebrate that union between two of them.   I am taking a few minutes to write about this because it was so beautiful to see the spa being used for this purpose.  They began by bringing in two of our female practitioners  [ Read More ]

Whatever Happened to Tubs Sun Salon?

Posted by admin November - 26 - 2013

As many of you may know Seattle used to have a wonderful business where you and your Sweetie and/or a few friends could go rent a cute small room with a hot tub by the hour. Each room had its own bathroom, a Jacuzzi and a little place to lie down if you got overheated. I don’t know if it was allowed or not but my wife and I would  [ Read More ]

Seattle Manscaping Services Now Available

Posted by admin August - 20 - 2013
Seattle Manscaping

Yes… the Little Red Day Spa is excited to offer this new “must have” service for men! In case you don’t know, Seattle Manscaping means trimming body hair for men … of course. Our initial offering is very low tech and high fun! We are only offering this service in conjunction with our Couple’s Getaway and Getaway Plus sessions so that couples have a chance to enjoy this procedure together.  [ Read More ]

Indiegogo Campaign Launched!

Posted by admin August - 13 - 2013

We have launched our Indiegogo campaign!

Wild Fin Paintings

Posted by admin May - 26 - 2013
Wild Fin Restaurant

For the most part I am on a self imposed sabbatical from painting.  I did my last painting in December at my old studio in Eastlake.  Then, packed all my brushes and paints and everything else in preparation for the move.   Once I was moved in to the spa it became apparent that if I stayed focused on the spa, it would eventually grow into a business that would  [ Read More ]

New Developments: Tuesday Soirees and Plumbing

Posted by admin May - 24 - 2013

Before I moved the Spa and the Studio to the new location in SODO, I used to host an informal gathering every Tuesday night. The idea was to invite guests, friends, fellow artists and the curious to come make art, perform, observe, dance and relax in a kind of loosely organized bohemian setting. Sometimes the art and performances were memorable and sometimes they were not. I played the role of  [ Read More ]

Aika Makeup Guru Is Back!

Posted by admin May - 13 - 2013

We are very happy and excited to tell you that Aika is back at the Little Red Day Spa! Aika is  one of our Japanese practitioners who also specializes in makeup. She is known as a makeup coach. With her knowledge and experience in makeup, Aika can share with you what she knows about applying on makeup and the techniques. As you may know Japanese women are known to be  [ Read More ]

The Barrel Room is in action!

Posted by admin May - 11 - 2013

We are very excited to report that the Barrel Room is now ready for parties, meetings, art shows and more.   In fact we have already had a few exciting things happen there.  It is a really nice addition to the spa.   It is 1,300 square feet with a 20′ ceiling.    I just finished putting in hardwood floors over the concrete.  Soon I will be painting and adding  [ Read More ]

The Little Red Day Spa started in an artist’s studio and with the acquisition of the Barrel Room, the legacy of the Studio lives on. Providing a creative space for many endeavors, I am delighted to have a space which inspires. MSLGROUP is a specialty communications and engagement group that’s one of the world’s top 5 PR and events networks. With more than 2,500 people, its offices span 22 countries  [ Read More ]

The Barrel Room

Posted by admin March - 6 - 2013

The Barrel Room is now part of the Little Red Day Spa. Our next door neighbor is Bartholemew Winery. Between their tasting room and us is a big room where they kept their many barrels of wine. However, the room was too big and they were unable to get a fork lift in and out. Each barrel of wine weighs over 800 pounds when full. So, Bart aske me if  [ Read More ]

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