Jeff opened the Little Red Day Spa in 2007. He has always been interested in how the arts and healing practices such as massage work together to create a higher quality of life. His art is part of a long tradition stretching back to the ancient Greeks which focuses on the beauty and power of the human body as well as the body being the vessel and vehicle of the soul.

Melissa Azoulay

Melissa Azoulay has been with the spa since the summer of 2012. She is very spirited and versatile in her sessions. She is also an excellent communicator and has recently taken over the role of managing the bookings and some other aspects of Spa operations. Melissa is an LMP.


Mary is a skilled practitioner and personal trainer with over 15 years of experience. She is skilled in massage, facial stretching, meditation and body work. She also has a background in executive management which is why she is beginning to assist in the management of the spa. The spa is growing in size and complexity. We are delighted to have Mary’s years of experience as a therapist and personal assistant to help keep things running smoothly. CPT E-CYT.


Holly, LMP

In addition to being a licensed massage therapist, Holly has developed her own tantric practice. We are grateful to have her bring this often misunderstood service to our Couples Massage Services. Holly is committed to creating a deeply relaxing and healing experience in her session. She has studied massage in India, Mexico, and Seattle and loves to integrate Lomi-lomi (Hawaiian massage) and Thai massage with traditional Swedish and deep tissue techniques. Holly is a level 2 Reiki practitioner and certified yoga instructor.




Megan is both an LMP and an Acupuncturist.  She is widely trained and brings a very beautiful and graceful presence to her work.  She is also available most days.  She can combine acupuncture and massage in the same sessions.


Meng is both Chinese and American trained in a wide variety of massage styles and techniques. She is one of our strongest practitioners and is a particularly good fit for those looking for deep tissue work. Her English is limited but her work on the table is expansive. Also, our owner speaks Mandarin so is available for translation if needed.


Janice helps facilitate deep relaxation and healing through blending, Swedish, deep tissue, acupressure  cranial sacral and reiki. She is certified in pre and post natal massage (loves pregnant clients and moms!) orthopedic of the shoulders and pelvis, reflexology, cranial nerve release and reiki level 1,2.