Support Staff


Jeff Hengst, BFA, MA  Owner

Jeff opened the Little Red Day Spa in 2007. He has always been interested in how the arts and healing practices such as massage work together to create a higher quality of life. His art is part of a long tradition stretching back to the ancient Greeks which focuses on the beauty and power of the human body as well as the body being the vessel and vehicle of the soul. Jeff is not an LMP and is not available for massage. He has a BFA from Penn State and an MA from Seattle University.


Mary Garza, CPT, E-CYT, Spa Manager


Mary is a skilled personal trainer and body worker with over 15 years of experience. She is skilled in yoga, meditation, fascial stretching, and various styles of body work. She is the spa manager and has background in executive management. The spa is growing in size and complexity. We are delighted to have Mary’s years of experience as a body worker and personal assistant to help keep things running smoothly.



Echo Diaz

Echo is a soft spoken therapist, with a client focused approach. She is trained in a variety of styles to suit the needs of our guests, and particularly enjoys deep tissue work.  Echo studied massage after hitting a wall in her prior career, and she decided to finally pursue her dreams. A massage from her is full of the joy and peace she feels doing something she loves, and is sure to relax your aches away. MA # 60563911

Stevie Nelson

FullSizeRender (6)

Stevie Danae Nelson came to us from Montana. We are very excited to have her join the team at the Little Red Day Spa.  Stevie is trained in various styles of massage: Swedish relaxation massage to Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy, her specialities are in NMT/clinical massage and Prenatal.  Stevie uses a variety of pressures and slow focal strokes to aid in the release of muscular tension and provide a customized experience for each guest.  # MA 60584976

Nicole Zimmerman

Nicole is a graduate of Cortiva Massage School. She has a passion for relaxation and easing the everyday stresses of life. She has a slow, firm touch with the ability to personalize your massage experience.  MA # 60611098



Xianjun Meng

Meng is both Chinese and American trained in a wide variety of massage styles and techniques. She is one of our strongest practitioners and is a particularly good fit for those looking for deep tissue work. Her English is limited but her work on the table is expansive. Also, our owner speaks Mandarin so is available for translation if needed. # MA 60434382


Theresa Nawrocki, LMP

2016 TheresaNawrocki


Theresa is skilled in a variety of different modalities and enjoys helping each guest with their massage goals. MA# 60458585

Megan  Sewell, LMP AC

Megan is both an LMP and an Acupuncturist.  She is widely trained and brings a very beautiful and graceful presence to her work. She can combine acupuncture and massage in the same sessions. # AC  60204424   (Megan is currently out on maternity leave… updated 5/25/16)

Holly Hay, LMP

Holly has been an LMP for 6 years and has been here with us for 1 ½ years. She has studied abroad and loves to integrate Lomi-lomi (Hawaiian massage) and Thai massage with traditional Swedish and deep tissue techniques. Holly is committed to creating a deeply relaxing and healing experience in her sessions. Holly is also a level 2 Reiki practitioner. # MA 60055802 (Holly is currently unavailable due to injury.. updated 5/26/16)

Guinevere Amadeo, LMP

Guinevere is our newest practitioner. She is fantastic! She has great technique and also a wonderful personality. Like our other practitioners, she enjoys the couples focus of our spa. Guinevere also has extensive experience doing massage in a clinical setting, deepening her ability to work with our guests. MA# 000227252


Mike Kaplan, LMP

Michael’s clients describe his massage style as a “perfect combination of therapeutic and relaxation”. His signature massage is a medium pressure full body massage that incorporates long flowing strokes along with several deep tension relaxation techniques that leaves you feeling like a weigh has been lifted from your body. He is also happy to personalize a massage specific to your requirements, you will not be disappointed. MA# 60281222


Daniel Munoz, LMP

daniel bio picIn your session, Daniel invites you to be swept away through fluid movements and caring energy.  Bringing his full-hearted presence to the table, he listens and responds with an inspired wide range of modalities to create a uniquely personalized experience through an intuitive touch.   MA# 60620200