Little Red Day Spa
A Couple’s Getaway 


The Little Red Day Spa is a unique spa focused almost exclusively on private retreats for couples of all persuasions.  All of our suites are designed with the idea of supporting couples to reconnect in a setting that is beautiful, relaxing and conducive to being present for each other.  Every suite is appointed with two massage tables, as well as features to give the two of you fun things to do with and for each other in a beautiful private setting. Please see our Suites page to see photos and learn more about each suite. Then request the one that would be the most fun for you and your partner.

Arabian Nights Four Hand Massage: Where you and a therapist will give your sweetheart a massage….

Please note, you are not getting a massage.

  • Arabian Nights Four Hand Massage is a 2 hour couples experience in an Arabian tent. 
  • This is a 4 hand massage experience. That means you and a massage therapist will be giving your partner a massage
  • Only 1 massage table and therapist per tent.
  • Please note that the pictures on the left are our regular suites, not the Arabian Nights tents.
  • Bottle of champagne and desserts for each couple included.
  • 1 hour massage followed by 40 minutes of relaxing time in your private tent.
  • Live music
  • Each tent is custom made and appointed by our staff. 
  • Only available on Groupon. Spa members Do not need Groupon Vouchers.
  • Limited Tickets available
  • Friday and Saturday 2 showings 7-9pm and 9-11pm.
  • Sunday 3 showings 5-7pm, 7-9pm, 9-11pm.
  • You must book by calling the spa before purchasing the Voucher. (206)-963-0633

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