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Nov. 16: Yes we are open!

The new rules do not require that we close.

The Little Red Day Spa – A Couple’s Getaway 


The Little Red Day Spa is a unique spa focused almost exclusively on private retreats for couples of all persuasions.  All of our suites are designed with the idea of supporting couples to reconnect in a setting that is beautiful, relaxing and conducive to being present for each other.  Every suite is appointed with two massage tables, as well as features to give the two of you fun things to do with and for each other in a beautiful private setting. Please see our Suites page to see photos and learn more about each suite. Then request the one that would be the most fun for you and your partner.

Our Rules and Protocols to help keep everyone safe:
  • Aerosol disinfectant spray in the air after cleaning rooms and lobby
  • Staff wearing masks at all times
  • Guests use mask during massage
  • Constantly wipe high use areas (door knobs, computer, phone, cc machine, etc.)
  • Extra care of lobby bathroom
  • Normal social distancing
  • Please stay home if not feeling well for any reason
  • Monitoring state laws and requirements daily

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