Interior shot of our new front door

When you come to the Little Red Day Spa now you can enter through the front door.  You could not do this up until now because this entry way had very heavy metal doors that were very difficult and noisy to open.    We just replaced them with elegant glass and wooden doors.   Not only do they look and function beautifully, they allow our guests to enter into the lobby of spa…..rather than into the main treatment room.

The spa is growing fast thanks to our guests enthusiastic embrace of our new home.  As such, we are now often seeing guests in both our main space on the ground floor and in our new room on the 3rd floor.  We are calling the main space the Grand Suite since it has a 28′ ceiling, an over sized hot tub, lots of great art and other amenities that make it truly grand.   The new space on the 3rd floor is being decorated with Moroccan touches so naturally we are calling this the Moroccan Room.   When you are booking with us please be sure to note which space you are booking.