The Barrel Room is now part of the Little Red Day Spa.

Our next door neighbor is Bartholemew Winery. Between their tasting room and us is a big room where they kept their many barrels of wine. However, the room was too big and they were unable to get a fork lift in and out. Each barrel of wine weighs over 800 pounds when full. So, Bart aske me if I would like to expand the spa into that space.

On March 1st I broke a hole through our lobby space into the barrel room. It is 1,300 square feet and has a 20′ ceiling.  It also has a bathroom.

Immediately I began fulfilling a commission for three large paintings for a new restaurant in town. However, the barrel room will not become my studio. Once these paintings are completed I will prepare the room for events, yoga classes, stretching and relaxing and whatever else the rapidly growing spa demands.