Before I moved the Spa and the Studio to the new location in SODO, I used to host an informal gathering every Tuesday night. The idea was to invite guests, friends, fellow artists and the curious to come make art, perform, observe, dance and relax in a kind of loosely organized bohemian setting. Sometimes the art and performances were memorable and sometimes they were not. I played the role of “host” and “Stage Manager” but there really wasn’t much hosting and there was very little managing. Still, these evenings were a lot of fun. Sometimes as many as 50 or 60 people would attend. Other Tuesdays there would just be 4 or 5 of us hanging out, painting or conversing.

These events used to be called the Tuesday Salons in honor of the great French Salon tradition and as an extension of the Salon’s that my friend Lindsey Nicols would host late Tuesday nights at her darling little hotel near Pike Street Market. Since Lindsey intends to resume hosting her Tuesday night Salons someday, I am going to call these new Tuesday night gatherings: Tuesday Soirees. A soiree is similar to a Salon but has a connotation of being less formal and being driven more by artists themselves rather than a host or hostess.

The Tuesday Soirees will begin at 8 and go until they run out of steam. I have already begun putting the word out and have hosted two thus far. Already it appears there are plenty of folks who will be attending these gatherings for one reason or another. There is no admission price.

As interest and availability allow I will open the Grand Suite and hot tub for attendees to enjoy.

Plumbing: The next step in renovations and improvements at the spa is going to be plumbing. I will be putting in two bathrooms and laying the foundation plumbing work needed to install a shower and and watsu pool on the third floor. While I have done a lot of improvements to the facility about 5 months ago, I have come to a type of work that I can not do myself. I have tried. But plumbing is something that will require professional help. Once the plumbing is complete and the bathrooms are in place I will be ready to begin doing Little Red Studio again and will consider and Open Spa Day each week.

Stand by for details.

As always, thank you for your interest and support.