Yes… the Little Red Day Spa is excited to offer this new “must have” service for men! In case you don’t know, Seattle Manscaping means trimming body hair for men … of course. Our initial offering is very low tech and high fun!

We are only offering this service in conjunction with our Couple’s Getaway and Getaway Plus sessions so that couples have a chance to enjoy this procedure together. In addition to the obvious removal of hair, the sessions are done as part of our couple’s packages because we want couples to discover that this can be playful, sensual and even fun to do together. Manscaping at the Little Red Day Spa requires very little equipment or supplies. So, while one of our practitioners provides this service at our spa, it is done in the same room with your partner while she is receiving a massage or facial so that she can see how easy it is!

What’s The Future of Seattle Manscaping at Little Red Day Spa?

In the near future, we will also be bringing on a fully licensed esthetician for more serious and permanent hair removal services for men and women. Those procedures will be offered as services for individuals as well as couples. Please check back for details.