As many of you may know Seattle used to have a wonderful business where you and your Sweetie and/or a few friends could go rent a cute small room with a hot tub by the hour. Each room had its own bathroom, a Jacuzzi and a little place to lie down if you got overheated. I don’t know if it was allowed or not but my wife and I would also bring in a bottle of wine and some things to eat as a way to add another dimension of enjoyment.

The place was remarkably clean considering how busy it was. And although the decor was very dated to the 70’s when I presume it opened, it was pleasant enough.

For reasons unknown to me a few years ago it closed. Its California/Mediterranean facade of glazed tiles and fountain are now one of the most popular places for graffiti artists to show their stuff. There are no doubt many layers of paint to match the many layers of rumors and stories that circulate about what went on there and why oh why did it close.

Some say their lease ran out and the owners of the property wanted to develop a multi-storied multi-use apartment building. Other’s say the owners of the business got into disagreements about how to continue. I have even heard that the owners just simply got tired of fighting off the rif-raff that were trying to use the place for nefarious doings. Hard to know.

Whatever the reason, the closure of Tubs left a serious hole in the recreational offerings of Seattle. And now that there is a building boom going on in Seattle where the average size of a Condo and apartment is shrinking, it has become even more missed.

The Little Red Day Spa is seeking to replace some of that lost opportunity. We now have two rooms that are even better that what Tubs had to offer without the Nagel prints, crushed shag carpet and suspicious characters in the lobby. With a little more time we will have a third room too.

So if you are seeking a romantic room with hot tub and other amenities in the spirit of Tubs (with much better art), check us out, book a room and grab your sweetie and come on over.