The Little Red Day Spa was host to a very beautiful commitment ceremony this week.    A group of 8 women booked our Grand Suite to honor and celebrate that union between two of them.   I am taking a few minutes to write about this because it was so beautiful to see the spa being used for this purpose.  They began by bringing in two of our female practitioners for massage while the others relaxed in the hot tub and enjoyed some champagne.  They took turns getting massage until everyone was taken care of.   Then, they invited me in to act as the “minister” and gently preside over the commitment ceremony itself.    It was an honor and a privilege to be in the sacred and yet playful space they had created.   Once that was complete I left them and they enjoyed the unique coziness and warmth of the spa.

I am also happy to report that I was able to use some of the wood that was used for the barrel room to return a favor to a very deer friend who helped me fund the Little Red Studio several years ago.   Along with the help of another friend we installed a wooden floor in his new home to replicate the wooden floors of the old Eastlake Studio where it all began.  Apparently the wooded floors of the Eastlake studio carry powerful meaning for this individual and so it was very rewarding for him to have similar materials used to re-create this affect.   I am very grateful that I could return the favor and make him so happy.  And there is still plenty of wood left to complete the projects we have in mind at the spa.