Couple’s Massage Class for Couples

Couples Massage Class for Couples

  • Available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • $475 per couple, not including gratuity. Will match Groupon price.

When you are ready to book the class, just book a Couple’s Masssage on the Monday of your choice in the suite of your choice. If it’s not available please try another suite or a different Monday night. Keep in mind the class is the same price as a couples retreat. And yes, if you are a member you can use your membership privilege for the class! It’s the same price whatever suite you select.

This is a fun evening that starts with an informal gathering in our large art suite. Couples will have a chance to enjoy a glass of complimentary wine and treats while getting to know the other couples and massage teachers.

At 7:00 two of the massage therapists teachers will call everyone together to begin demonstrating some basic massage techniques on 2 other spa therapists. After an hour of lighthearted demonstrations, each couple will go to the suite they chose when they booked the event for themselves (guests can select which suite they want at the time of booking). They will be joined by one of the spa’s massage therapists. For the next hour each couple will work with their therapist in their suite to review and work together on their massage technique with their partner. For the third hour all the spa therapists will say good night and leave each couple in their suite to enjoy as they wish. If there are only one or two couples attending, we will simply begin at seven o’ clock in your suite, and you will have two hours with your therapist.

This is roughly a 3.5 hour experience.

6:30-7:00 – First half hour for socializing, meet and greet. 
7-8:00 – Group instruction.
8-9:00 – Couples work with a massage therapist in their individual suites
9-10:00 – Couples are alone in their respective suites.

Complimentary wine and treats provided in the beginning.

Couples are welcome to bring their own beverages and picnic which they may place in their suite when they arrive.

The Prices are all-inclusive prices for each suite. This class is designed as a lighthearted introduction of massage techniques for couples for general relaxation. This is not intended to be a class to teach therapeutic massage to relieve pain or provide any kind of physical therapy.

This is absolutely and unequivocally for couples. No singles are permitted and we will not provide single matching services.

The instructors are all spa staff massage therapists licensed in Washington State. All state required draping practices will be practiced. Instruction in the group setting will be done with clothed “volunteers.”

Click here to book We look forward to seeing you there!

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