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Elemental: A dinner party in 4 acts

This 2 hour, sit down, 4 course dinner will pair the four elements with representative performances and cuisine. Additional entertainment and engagement opportunities will be offered in our adjoining suites. This event is open to pairs, groups, and individuals but tickets are limited to 24 guests and includes all food and beverages.

Elemental: A party in 4 acts 

Join us at Little Red Day Spa for an event where the performances will happen all around you. This is a party with moments of live music, aerial performance and spoken word. The spa facilities are available including saunas and gorgeous tubs. Two massage therapists are on hand for short “party” massage. There will be a fire pit and outside lounge area, too.

Kink & Cocktails

Join us at The Little Red Day Spa for Kink & Cocktails for a night of kink exploration. Shibari art exhibitions, and guided sensory experimentation. Indulge in craft cocktails while Shibari performers showcase their art throughout the evening, performers TBA! Explore our intimate spa suites and get pampered with a guided couple’s massage while you enjoy snacks along the way off our beautiful human charcuterie board. While you are here, you are also welcome to visit our neighbors at The Crow’s Nest as they provide a delightful and accessible entry point to exploring kink.

Romp Naked: Men’s edition (with an after hours option to add on)

Inspired by gatherings started by the Radical Fairies back in the 1990’s, Jeff Hengst has decided to re-create this magical gathering in his Spa and Studio at the old Rainier Brewery building in SoDo. We will start with a little drumming and chanting to get the blood flowing. Then blend seamlessly to dancing with the sounds of DJ Kobalt Severa. Large dance floor with wooden floors and high ceilings, chill spaces, a massage area and light non alcoholic beverages and more. Creative undress is encouraged. You will be provided with a bag for your clothes and kept in a secure “coat check.” Add on tickets to the after hours beginning at 11p in a separate space.

Romp Naked: Women’s edition 

Little Red Day Spa invites all women and female indentifying individuals to an evening of nudity, conversation, and massage. Hosted by Jennifer Robbins, a spa friend and regular, the evening will unfold organically with light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. This is a sex and substance free environment.

Sound bath

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