Romp Naked, Men’s Edition

A no clothes, no drugs, no alcohol, no sex dance party for men. Anybody who considers themselves a man in anyway shape or form.

Inspired by gatherings started by the Radical Fairies back in the 1990’s, Jeff Hengst has decided to re-create this magical gathering in his Spa and Studio at the old Rainier Brewery building in SoDo.

Perhaps you remember and attended Romp Naked at Jeff’s studio under the freeway in Eastlake. Well, whether you did or not, come join us now!

Like before we will start with a little drumming and chanting to get the blood flowing. Then blend seamlessly to dancing. Large dance floor with wooden floors and high ceilings, chill spaces, a massage area and light non alcoholic beverages and more.

Creative undress is encouraged. Tickets are $40 in advance or $50 at the door.

You will be provided with a bag for your clothes and kept in a secure “coat check.”

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Other Upcoming Events