The Little RedDay Spa is proud to announce that we will soon be launching our Membership Program.


What will it entail? – This will function very much like a membership at a gym or health-club. In exchange for your monthly membership dues, you will get a steep discount on your first visit to the Little Red Day Spa each month. You will also enjoy membership prices on all other services, and you will be invited to certain events and offerings that are only for members.

spa membership front
Sample Membership Card
I want to make it really tempting for you to commit to coming to visit us for a monthly spa treatment, and I am looking for ways to help the spa grow. Membership will allow the spa to better support our roster of highly qualified practitioners. This will, in turn, support them in making an even greater commitment of time and availability to the spa.

How will it work? It’s easy. First we will have a “kick off” open house on a Sunday afternoon. You will get to meet all the practitioners as well as my bookkeeper and credit card manager who will all be here to sign you up and take care of all the paper work. Then, each month your credit card will be charged automatically for the agreed upon amount and level of membership. There will be three levels of membership, and details are forthcoming. After that Open House, you will be able to sign up for membership with me in person or over the phone at anytime.

The “roll-out” date is not certain. There are a lot of pieces to have in place and I am committed to having everything solidly in place before we offer this. As I get closer to having all of the support in place I will be able to pick a date that I can responsibly support. In broad terms I am hoping to have this ready by the end of April. A firm date should be announced soon.


Please feel free to write or call anytime with questions about what membership will entail.
Keep an eye on the website for more details as it becomes available.

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