Head of Marsyas


All items are handmade at the Little Red Day Spa’s very own workshop located in Seattle, WA.

“Head of Marsayas”
Cast Concrete. 
20” x 20” x 20”
Limited edition of 20 casts from an original Hengst sculpture.

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This piece was commissioned by some folks who wanted a sculpture for their massage studio. Originally it had hands attached that looked a little like wings or flames coming out of the head. It was effective. I made a mold and cast it for them. However, I didn’t like the hands and took them off for this cast which I made for myself.
This piece was done 10 years after I closed my sculpture studio. However, another 20 years have passed since then. It’s been my hope ever since then to “get back to doing more sculpture.” This piece gives me hope that I will still be able to do it.