Little Red Day Spa Membership Plan


Details are shown below. Check back to see if new memberships becomes available again. Existing memberships continue as before.

  • Bronze $360 every 2 months. A two hour appointment in any suite one visit every 2 months.
  • Silver $550 every 2 months. A three hour appointment in any suite one visit every 2 months
  • Gold $360 per month. A two hour appointment in any suite one visit every month
  • Platinum $550 per month. A three hour appointment in any suite one visit every month.
  • Crimson $175 per month.  This is for two two-hour Spa Time only appointments a month.

We are opening up the Membership plan to new members. Currently it cannot be set up online.  Please call (206) 963-0633 to set up a membership! If you have a membership, it will continue as before. Here are some details pertaining to the plan:

  1. If you want to come in more often than is included in your membership plan that is fine. You will be offered a 10% discount off the full price of your additional visit as a way to express our appreciation for your membership.
  2. If you plan a 2 hour appointment and book a 3 hour appointment you will simply be asked to pay the difference between the total price minus your monthly membership fee. This is perfectly fine, we just want to be sure you know.
  3. Your membership benefit is transferable. Please ask your friend or loved one to book the appointment in your name. It's that simple!
  4. To cancel your membership contact us at 206-963-0633 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can i use it for my cousin Harry? A: Yes, anyone you want can use it but has to be booked in the name of the person owning the membership.
  • Q: If I miss one what happens, will you still charge? A: Yes. you will still be charged. Remember you are more than welcome to have friends and family use the membership, just be sure you or the person coming in books the appointment under your name.
  • Q: What if I move? A: Let us know and we will discontinue your membership and the recurring charge.
  • Q: How does it end? A: Anytime you wish! Either call, or let us know when you come in, or you can manage your subscriptions here.
  • Q: When will I be charged? A:The same date of every month when you signed up.
  • Q: When can I begin to use it? A: Anytime after your purchase.
  • Q: Will I still be charged your standard cancellation fee as a member if I can't make my appointment? A: Yes, our standard cancellation policy is still enforced.
  • Q: Do benefits accrue? I.e. If I miss a month, can I come twice the next month? A: No, benefits do not accrue.
  • Q: Is there a signup fee for membership? A: No.