All suites have a variety of amenities. All suites have a large bathtub with a bowl of eucalyptus salt scrub, a daybed, two place settings including a corkscrew and an ice bucket (by request). You are most welcome to bring food and whatever you’d like to drink.

Please note that if you cancel within 24 hours you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee. 

Most suites have additional amenities as described below:

  • Painter’s Studio: This is our newest Suite. We converted Jeff’s actual working studio into a Suite by painting the walls a rich deep color, added a cute little set up for a picnic, a comfy couch and most importantly, installed the gorgeous live edge maple tub we designed and made in our workshop. There is no bathroom in the Suite but there is one just outside the Suite so it is very convenient. Of course there are paints and materials available for you and your partner to paint on the walls or each other.
  • Stone Carver’s Suite: Inspired by the Romantic idea of that unique combination of rustic and elegant so much a part of northern Italy. There are of course many stone features including the large shower. This Suite also features a large Cedar tub, Walk-in himilayan salt sauna, Large 2 person shower and an Indonesian canopy day bed. Like all of our suites it has a fridge with water and ice. There is a tea station with complimenatry tea. There is also dishes and a seating area for food and drinks. Perhaps the coolest part is that all of this is nestled in and around the owner’s stone carving and painting workshop and exhibition space. It is both intimate and grand.
  • Art Suite: Our premier suite. Includes a large jetted tub, a large open shower, a salt sauna, a Chinese Tea House, a fridge with water and ice, a tea set, a big dining room table, and lots of space.
  • Moroccan Suite: Authentic Moroccan decor including kilim rugs and a Moroccan lounge, a tea set, a large copper bathtub, a tile shower and a fridge with water and ice.
  • Sky Suite: This is our smallest suite and it has a very large soaking tub and a cuddle corner. Please note that this suite does not have a fridge or a shower.
  • Tent Suite: The tent suite has a large copper bath, a large stone two-person shower, an infrared sauna, a tall canopy day bed, gorgeous Asian antiques, a dining table, a tea set and a fridge with water and ice.

Please see the galleries below to get a sense of what each suite looks like: