Jeff Hengst, BFA, MA
Owner & Operator

Jeff opened the Little Red Day Spa in 2007. He has always been interested in how the arts and healing practices such as massage work together to create a higher quality of life. His art is part of a long tradition stretching back to the ancient Greeks which focuses on the beauty and power of the human body as well as the body being the vessel and vehicle of the soul. He has a BFA from Penn State and an MA from Seattle University.



Support Staff (more information to come soon):


  • Ashley
  • Gio
  • Henrylyn
  • Kayla
  • Mallory
  • Simone





Trisha Hodges, LMP

Trisha is a fantastic massage therapist. She is versed in a wide variety of modalities including deep tissue and salon style massage. She is very attentive to every detail and aspect of your experience.

License# MA 60605132



Ming Lee (Apple), LMP

Apple is one of our hardest working therapists and also one of our most cheerful. Apple is very skilled and a solid therapist. She always has a big smile no matter whether you are her first or last guest of the day. Apple also is skilled in prenatal massage.

License# MA 60355845



Xinyi Liu Su (Cindi), LMP

Cindi has not been with us long, but has already proven to be very well liked by our guests and other staff. She is full time with us so there is a good chance you may see Cindi. She enjoys a wide variety of massage styles including deep tissue and Swedish.

License# MA 60692251



Daniel Munoz, LMP

In your session, Daniel invites you to be swept away through fluid movements and caring energy. Bringing his full-hearted presence to the table, he listens and responds with an inspired wide range of modalities to create a uniquely personalized experience through an intuitive touch.

License# MA 60620200



Haibo Du, LMP

Haibo is a very sweet person with a gentle presence. However, she is quite capable of deep tissue work and even the more rugged Chinese style massage. Her schedule is light but we are so delighted to have her at the spa when she is available.

License# MA 60776567



Holly Hay, LMP

Holly has been an LMP for 6 years and has been here with us for 1 ½ years. She has studied abroad and loves to integrate Lomi-lomi (Hawaiian massage) and Thai massage with traditional Swedish and deep tissue techniques. Holly is committed to creating a deeply relaxing and healing experience in her sessions. Holly is also a level 2 Reiki practitioner.

License# MA 60055802



Yue Wu (Kai), LMP

Kai is a very experienced therapist who brings a lot of poise and grace to the spa. She is comfortable working in many modalities including deep tissue, salon style, Swedish and Chinese massage.

License# MA 60750271



Liqun Lin, LMP

Lin was a highly skilled Emergency Room Nurse in China. Here she is a very skilled and hard working massage therapist. She is also skilled in prenatal massage.

License# MA 00022871



Mike Kaplan, LMP

Michael’s clients describe his massage style as a “perfect combination of therapeutic and relaxation”. His signature massage is a medium pressure full body massage that incorporates long flowing strokes along with several deep tension relaxation techniques that leaves you feeling like a weight has been lifted from your body. He is also happy to personalize a massage specific to your requirements, you will not be disappointed.

License# MA 60281222



Nicole McKee (Nikki), LMP

Nikki is the Spa’s Assistant Manager as well as a Licensed Massage Practitioner. She has fantastic organizational and communication skills. She is also a talented massage therapist who enjoys giving deep tissue style massage. She graduated in 2010 here in the Northwest, holds certification in California, and is Licensed in Washington.

License# MA 60718930



Patricia Folley, LMP

Patricia is relatively newly licensed but nevertheless very strong. Because Patricia also teaches school we only get to have her in the evenings.

License# MA 60745479



Richard Anthony Pollard (Tony), LMP

Tony is a very advanced practitioner. In addition to the salon styles of massage most of our guests want when they come to the spa, Tony is also capable of the most advanced injury recovery massage and chronic pain relief. Tony works full time in a Doctor’s office during the emulator work week but loves to moon light at the spa on weekends and some evenings. We are fortunate to have him on our roster.

License# MA 00008183



Xianjun Meng, LMP

Meng is both Chinese and American and is trained in a wide variety of massage styles and techniques. She is one of our strongest practitioners and is a particularly good fit for those looking for deep tissue work. Her English is limited but her work on the table is expansive. 

License# MA 60434382


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