Jeff Hengst, BFA, MA

Owner & Operator

Jeff opened the Little Red Day Spa in 2007. He has always been interested in how the arts and healing practices such as massage work together to create a higher quality of life. His art is part of a long tradition stretching back to the ancient Greeks which focuses on the beauty and power of the human body as well as the body being the vessel and vehicle of the soul. He has a BFA from Penn State and an MA from Seattle University.


  • Ashley- Front desk manager AM
  • Hannah- Front desk manager PM


  • Alejandra
  • Ashley
  • Danielle
  • Devon
  • Hannah
  • Travis

Housekeeping/Janitorial Staff

Warunee Khiaochaum

Sakchai Sribuaphuan


Massage Therapists (Spa Employees)

Cassandra Smith, LMP

License# MA 60826700

Yue Wu (Kai), LMP

License# MA 60750271


Payge Cheesman LMP

License# MA61508784


Ming Lee (Apple), LMP

License# MA 6035584

Kit Morgan LMP

License# MA60648063

Deborah Homchick LMP

License # MA00007593

Massage Therapists (Independent Contractors)

We are proud to have a roster of massage therapists who maintain their own business as therapists. We encourage you to contact them directly for services other than those we provide at The Little Red Day Spa.

Haibo Du, LMP

License# MA 60776567    WA State Business License UBI#604419302


Holly Hay, LMP

License# MA 6005580      WA State Business License UBI#602975847


Jessica Baumgartner, LMP

License# MA 60498326     WA State Business License UBI#604110567


Xianjun Meng, LMP

License# MA 60434382     WA State Business License UBI#604271220


Giovanni “John” Siano LMP

License# MA61461864      WA State Business License UBI#605305530


Eric Wilson LMP

License #MA61473486     WA State Business License UBI#603393601


Mike Kaplan LMP

License #MA60282122